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Learning Language, Learning Cuture

On Saturday, May 28, 2004, IISCE organized the first workshops in the Learning English, Learning Culture series.

The workshop was taught by Michaela Cankova, the author of several English language textbooks and experienced English teacher trainer and consultant for the British Council in Prague who conducted two workshops based on her two most recent publications: 1) Intercultural Activities (M. Cankova and S. Gill, Intercultural Activities, Oxford University Press, 2002) and 2) Multicultural Britain (Open Channels: A Course of the 20 th Century British Literature, Leda, 1997).

Intercultural Activities was an interactive workshop for teachers of pre-intermediate level courses meant to inspire people to teach the English language through learning about other cultures (exotic and familiar). The activities were very simple and did not require any or very minimal preparation and no technical support (not even copies) and so they were ideal for teachers with minimal financial resources for teaching. All activities were simple, funny and they focused on input from other cultures, including non-European ones. This workshop took 90 minutes (10:30-12:00)

The second workshop Multicultural Britain was meant for teachers of intermediate and upper-intermediate level courses. It was a practical session that interactively connected the reality of today's Britain - newspaper articles, statistics, and illustrations - with the best new fiction/literature that deals with issues of multiculturalism. The workshop took 90 minutes ( 12:30-14:00) and included not only literature, but also music and audiovisual material.

At the end of each of the workshops, all participants received certificates of attendance.