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Modern Education, Structures, Functions and Outcomes: School organisation and educational opportunities

June 12 -13, 2008

This ambitious conference, arranged jointly by the members of the Sociology of Education Research Network ESA and the International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education University of Lower Silesia, brought together a number of international specialists in sociology of education.

The event was jointly chaired by prof. Mart-Jan de Jong (Utrecht University International Honors College), Dr. Christian Imdorf (University of Basel), Dr. Bernadette Brereton (School of Business and Humanities, Dundalk Institute of Technology), Dr. Vasiliki Kantzara (Panteion university of Social and Political Sciences) and Dr. Piotr Mikiewicz (International International Institute for Study of Culture and Education University of Lower Silesia)
Keynote speaker was Prof. Dr. Frank-Olaf Radtke from Department of Educational Sciences University of Frankfurt. He preached the opening speech entitled The construction of the 'immigrant child' in the organizational field of Educational Science, Mass media und the Political System

The primary issues can be defined as follows:
• Thinking about education - theorising gender, ethnicity and disability at school
• Student’s resources and educational achievement
• Teachers as agents and professionals
• Interplay between school organisation, experiences and expectations
• Selection processes and dissemination of opportunities in higher education
• Educational reforms and equal opportunities