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Dialogic Variations - International Scientific Seminar

On 25-26th of October at the Faculty of Education at ULS under the auspices of "Educational Forum" the International Scientific Seminar "Dialogic Variations" was held on. We hosted three distinguished scholars: prof. Ritva Engeström from the Center for Activity Theory and Developmental Work Research (University of Helsinki), prof. Pentti Hakkareinen and dr. Milda Bredikyte from Research Center for Developmental Teaching and Learning (University of Oulu).

Visiting researchers and the guests were greeted by dr. Hana Cervinkova, Associate Dean for International Education and Research at the Faculty of Education. Then she asked prof. Dorota Gołębniak, Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations at ULS for the
opening lecture and short introduction to the main theme of the seminar – Active Theory.

The first day of the seminar was devoted to the lectures of invited guests. The researchers presented the results of many years of their work related to learning and teaching in kindergartens, high schools, universities and workplaces, where they were developing Activity Theory, with reference to the ethnometodology, phenomenology and the concept of dialogue of M. Bakhtin.

For the second day, the professors prepared an interactive workshop, which was attended by numerous post-graduate students of the Faculty of Education.

Both, the participants and invited guests, were very happy with the results of the two-day seminar. Prof. Ritva Engeström stressed that she is pleasantly surprised by the reception of her occurrence, and that her participation in this event is the result of a long cooperation with Polish scientists. She will remember the seminar as an interesting opportunity to exchange views and theories.