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•    Trainees room (teachers room) – is well equipped with laptops and Internet access, two printers and a copy machine. If you bring your own laptop, you can connect it to the school network for access the Internet and to print. However, you will need to bring an adapter (Polish standard is 220V/50Hz). If your laptop has an adapter, you just need the European converter plug (cheap to buy).

•    Photocopying – you have access to photocopying but there will be limit on the quantity that you can photocopy (3 copies per student per one day). The more you can plan without the need for handouts, the better. Try to use each copy to the maximum, practice different language items, and use it for various purposes. This will also give you an opportunity to prepare for the “real world” where many schools limit excessive copying.

•    Classrooms – equipped with OHP projectors, LCD projectors, CD-players, whiteboards.

List of IT items to bring:

1. Plug adapter (Polish standard is 220V/50Hz). If your laptop has an adapter, you just need:
- the European converter plug (cheap to buy). If you use more then one electronic device at a time you may want to consider bringing 2 or 3  plug convertors

2. If you own an Apple device (computer or Ipad) please consult in the States what type of an adapter you will need. Because Apple changes connectors very often (almost every year), the University does not provide conventors for Apple devices. Plese check if your device has:
- USB type C
- Thunderbolt 2
- Thunderbolt 3
- HDMI   
- Mini DVI
They have difernet shapes and connectors.
The connector the University’s overhead projectors have are called D-sub or VGA. The most popular connector converts from HDMI (computer side) to VGA (projector side).
If you are not sure what kind of a connector you should bring, please send us a picture and we will advise.

3. If you are used to work with bloutooth speakers you could also bring them with you.

4. Phones – ULS provides simple phone devices with a Polish simcard for everyday communication within the group of teachers, master teacher and program coordinator. Thise are very simple mobile phones with out internet access. If you want to use your own device please check if it doesn’t have a sim-lock. If we all agree we could also use What’s app or Messenger for daily/ emergency calls or/and texts.