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IISCE - English version

What to bring?

  •        Laptop
  •        Books list of recommended books
  •        Stationery: dry erase markers, magic markers, paper clips, invisible tape, etc. (generally we provide them, but from our experience teachers have their own preferences, needs)
  •         While Poland is a modern country and most products can be found near by, most American brands are not accessible. If you are picky and like certain products, please bring them with you.
  •         Other items that students suggested were: umbrella, alarm clock, sink plug (for washing clothes in sink), plug adaptors, hair dryer, clip on reading lamp, ear plugs. These items can be bought in Wroclaw but if you are on a tight budget you may want to bring them along. 

At IISCE we have: office supplies, fans, extension cords, antimosquito plugs.