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Where to eat?

Downtown Wroclaw hosts a number of well-known restaurants offering a multitude of cuisines.

For a taste of authentic Polish cooking, such as and , we recommend visiting restaurants that specialize in what is called “Old-Polish Cuisine” such as “Lwowska Karczma” (Rynek 4), “Galicja” (Pilsudskiego 66) “Spiz” (Rynek-Ratusz 9) or “Karczma Mlynska” (Tumski Hotel, Wyspa Slodowa 10). One of the best restaurants serving Polish food is “Pod Gryfami” (Rynek 2). If you are Asian food addict, you will probably want to check out “China Town” in the Pasaz pod Blekitnym Sloncem in Old Town, which serves wonderful dishes. For a culinary excursion to Russia, we recommend “Sankt Petersburg”, a restaurant specializing in Russian food, in both its traditional and modern incarnations.

Below is a list of the other restaurants, cafes and pubs that Wroclaw has to offer.

If you would like to taste good beer, your first stop should be “Spiż” in the center of Old Town. They brew their own brand of delicious beer in micro-brewery situated right in the building's basement. If you prefer dark beer, the “John Bull Pub” serves up Irish brews on Old Town's Plac Solny. “Academus” is another well known haunt of beer connoisseurs, and sits behind a beautiful old St. Elisabeth church (and one of Wroclaw's highest buildings) on Kielbasnicza Street. Bartenders at “Academus” recommend Ksiazece, a Polish brand of Wor white beer, which is an old favorite in Germany. Other popular brands of Polish beer, such as Zywiec, Okocim, Tyskie, are on tap in almost every restaurant in Wroclaw.

Local dishes

  •   Soups

Before digging into a rich entree, start with a soup. Remain a standard, almost always made from scratch, and definitely worth an exploratory sip. In the summer, try the cold, creamy beet and vegetable soup called "chlodnik". Another soup worth tasting is the creamy sausage and potato.

  •   Main Courses

Restaurants offer up beef, pork, sausage, ham, chicken, and many others. Most are fried or grilled, topped with a creamy sauce of some sort and often accompanied by potatoes. Side salads are usually a simple affair of lettuce, sliced cucumber, carrots or tomatoes. More complex salads are to be found in their own section of the menu.

Like most cuisines based on a peasant culture, simple ingredients pop-up again and again: in Poland, one staple was cabbage. You'll find it as a soup, sliced up for salads, pickled for sauerkraut, or stuffed with rice, meat, or mushrooms.


  • Bar Egipt, ul.Więzienna 30
  • Kebab Hut, ul.Bogusławskiego 43
  • Kebab Hut, ul.Odrzańska 23


  •   Union Pacific, Rynek 49


  • Bon Appetit, Rynek 51
  • Splendido, ul. Świdnicka 53


  • Restauracja Galicja, ul.Piłsudskiego 66
  • Lwowska Karczma, Rynek 4


  • Ready's, Rynek 15
  • Akropolis, pl.Solny 18


  • Los Locos, ul. Kiełbaśnicza 13-15
  • Mexico Bar, ul. Rzeźnicza 34
  • Tequila, pl. Solny 11
  • Havana, ul. Kuźnicza 11-13


  • Gospoda Wrocławska, ul. Sukiennice 7
  • Piwnica Świdnicka, Rynek-Ratusz 1
  • Pod Szczęśliwym Kupcem, Rynek 46/47


  • Sankt Petersburg, ul.Igielna 14/15


  • Hanoi, ul. Legnicka 32
  • Royal Ginseng, pl. Hirszfelda 16/17
  • Top Orient, pl. Grunwaldzki 18


  • Złota Maska, ul. Rzeźnicza 24-25
  • Żaczek, ul. Kuźnicza 43/45


  • Casa Patio, ul. Odrzańska 2/3
  • Dwa Poziomy, ul. Ruska 51
  • La Scala, Rynek 38
  • Massimo Ristorante & Caffe, Pasaż pod Błękitnym Słońcem
  • Mozzarella, ul. Świdnicka 26
  • Palazzo, Rynek 20/21


  • Piwnica Pod Złotym Psem, ul. Rynek 41
  • Vega, Rynek - Ratusz 27a


  • KFC ul. Świdnicka 13
  • McDonald's, pl. Grunwaldzki 34
  • McDonald's, Rynek 4
  • Pastelowa, ul. Ruska 58/59
  • Pizza Hut, Rynek 48
  • Pronto Pizza, pl. Uniwersytecki 9
  • Top Orient, pl. Grunwaldzki 18
  • Trattoria, Rynek 38


Breakfast: 10-20 PLN

Lunch: 15-30 PLN

Diner: 20-50 PLN

The University of Lower Silesia has a snack bar in the same building you will be preparing the classes and teaching. You are welcome to have lunch there. The prices are very reasonable and the food is tasty.