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  • Poland is influenced by a mild oceanic climate from the west and a dry continental climate from the east. That is why Poland has variable weather conditions. Winter lasts three months, with generally heavy snowfalls, particularly in the east and in the mountain areas. Spring is usually fine and warm. Summer also lasts three months and maximum temperatures often rise to above 30 C. Rain, particularly storms, most often happen in the mountains in summer. Sometimes there are very heavy storms at the seaside. Autumn is the best season of the year. The golden Polish autumn is famous for fine, warm, sunny weather and usually continues well into the second half of October. This part of the year is especially beautiful in the mountains.
  • In late July/August the average temperature is 22-25 C (about 70-80 degrees F).  It can get humid, and there may be some short little rain showers (one year there was a heat wave). However recently the summers are getting much hotter, even 30-34 C.

      Temperature: centigrade is used here

32 F (freezing) = 0 C

68 F (room temp.) = 20 C

98.6 (normal body) = 37 C  

for a rough conversion, multiply the centigrade temperature by 2 and add 32.