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Business English

The English language has transcended its native borders to become the official language for international business communication. Its role as an international language used amongst companies and businesses to is recognized all over the globe. In times of globalization, mergers, acquisitions and the widespread of social media associated to the internet it has dramatically contributed and facilitated the spread of the English language. In a world deeply integrated into a network and web of relations the English language allows people to interact simultaneously and virtually independently of time and space location. Seminars, webminars, workshops, trainings, welcoming of visitors, health and safety instructions, emails, interviews, contracts, marketing strategies are amongst the many facets of the business world that are conducted in English. If in the past learning English was seen as a priviledge of an elite, it is now the basic skill for the workforce.


This course has a twofold objective. On one hand it focuses on specific vocabulary related to the world of work and situations revolving around it, be it in the field of hospitality, logistics, human resources, marketing, health and safety related issues or contracts, among others. On the other hand, it exposes the students to different accents of English spoken by so many different voices. Therefore, oral and listening skills are strongly emphasized.


Even though all 4 aspects of the learning skills are presented (reading, writing, listening and speaking), the approach is mostly communicative besides being student centered. In every class a different topic is introduced, therefore a specific vocabulary is presented.  The topic is brainstormed and based on the ideas elaborated by the students a short discussion will follow. Following the discussions, a Case Study may be presented, which students are expected to read, understand, discuss and assess each one in small groups and give short presentations. Case studies will deal with different work environments aiming to bring the students work life experience to class, too. So topics to be covered may include hospitality, innovation and technology, health related themes, marketing, human resources, corporate training among others that may be added based on the students’ interests, be it areas of study or field of work. Students shall contribute to the classes by bringing in and sharing their own work experience.
Videos and listening exercises in which students will listen to presentations spoken by a diverse number of nationalities, will be part of the course. The students will have a chance to discuss and review English grammar points through a few short exercises given along the course. Therefore, specific needs can be assessed.
For evaluation students shall take a sample test of the TOEIC examination.


“Business Result” (Oxford Press), “Grammar and Beyond” (Cambridge Univ Press), “Market Leader Series” (Longman), and other teacher’s resources.

Target group:

The course is aimed at professionals and young adults who are interested in improving their language skills. Students should have English skills ranked level B at least.  All levels of professional experiences are welcome.

Participation in the course is subject to assessment of the student’s English level.


May 1 - Enrollment starts

July 30 – August 10, 2018, from 5:00 to 8:00 pm (Mon. - Fri.) -  depending on the interest a morning or noon group can be created.


The course costs 400 PLN. The fee should be transfer to BZWBK XIII/O Wrocław 33 1090 2402 0000 0006 1001 1564 with „ELP 2018 – participant’s name” in a wire title by July 25, 2018.


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