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The International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education (IISCE) is an academic and research institute at the University of Lower Silesia. Founded in October 2003, IISCE responds to the processes of transnational integration with projects that increase international mobility, intercultural understanding and citizen participation through education. Our activities include research projects in education, anthropology and sociology, training workshops for teachers, language courses, public lectures, building of collaborative networks and consortia with foreign universities, organization of study programs for foreign students in the city of Wroclaw and the dissemination of information through a mailing list and a website. Most of our activities are supported by grants from the European Union, private foundations and university funds. The activities of the Institute build on the methodological principle that the practitioners who are the target groups of our actions (students, teachers, unemployed people) are active participants in the educational process whose goals is to foster self-reflexive thinking and citizen participation. By helping people become participants instead of recipients in the educational process, we seek to contribute to the building of the culture of pluralism and diversity that is critical to participative democracy and a thriving civil society in East-Central Europe.