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The Report: The analytical needs of programming support in the Lower Silesia. Priority IX, Development of skills and education in the PO KL regions

The research conducted in May 2008 on the order of the Marshal Office of Lower Silesia Region with the diagnosis in the following areas:

1. Environments and areas in the province of Lower Silesia with low publicity of pre-school education.
2. Demand for development programs in the sub-9.1.2, schools with particular emphasis on the differences in the quality of educational services in village - the city relation and inequality in the educational opportunities of students in the region.

3. Demand for development programs of schools and institutions providing vocational training in the context of seeking to increasing the attractiveness of this type of education among students, improving the quality of vocational education in the region by adapting to the needs of the labor market (taking into account the diversity of the countryside and city).

4. Needs in terms of formal constant education in the region (with special emphasis on lifelong
learning in the forms of school).

5. Needs for further training of teachers, raising workers' skills and continuing education instructors for practical training of staff and administrative and education management.

The Report includes the current state of the above areas in the background on the situation in Poland and the European Union.

The report was based on analysis of secondary sources - reports, statistics and so far unpublished results of its own.