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Team Teaching Consultants

The project run from April to June 2007 and was addressed to a specific teaching group. It was a package of limited duration, intense action, which concentrated on the analysis / diagnosis of the situation and the daily operation of schools on the development and modeling methods for solving the problems of daily life. The method of the project introduced a kind of "state of emergency" for a specific time when the schools take additional actions, meetings and tasks, which exceed the "routine of everyday life", when there are new people - consultants, and invited specialists, when intensively working on new, often multi - solutions.

The result of the experiment were reports on the functioning of schools in terms of organization and social life. The study reviewed the organization of school, student’s mechanisms culture, the relationship of students and teachers. Results of tests will be used to work for the schools involved in the project.

The project team under the direction of dr. Slawomir Krzychała with involvement of dr. Piotr Mikiewicz.