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Evaluation Research. The impact of the project "We are going to the kindergarten" on the local environment

The project "We are going to the kindergarten. Small kindergartens in Lower Silesia" was implemented within the province of Lower Silesia since 1.03.2007 to 31.03.2008. The aim of the project was to offset the educational opportunities of children aged 3-5 years coming from rural areas, through the creation of Small Kindergarten - alternative forms of pre-school education. Project was to help in the eradication of disproportions within the pre-school education between urban and rural areas. As a result of the project 35 alternative pre-school education in villages in Lower Silesia came to life, which in the future are to be taken over by local actors - municipalities, associations, organizations. The report, which is the evaluation of the project, tried to answer two fundamental questions:
1. How do the social capital resources condition the "We are going to the kindergarten"?
2. How may the project affect the state of social capital in the tested towns?

The answer to these questions helped to estimate the effects of actions taken in the draft Foundation Kalos Kai Aghatos.

By starting the aiming at examining the interactions of social capital in the area covered by the project with the actions taken in it we decided to use the method of case studies. Assuming homogeneity and likeness of typical contexts, on the basis of experience and knowledge of those pursuing the project, three chose environment with different characteristics. The main criterion was the dynamics of the local environment, in particular, whoever is the main driving force of
social action.

Taking this into account we nominated:
a) the city, which operates a strong NGO sector
b) a place lacking a strong NGO sector, but municipality and the local authorities are very actively
c) a place which there is lack of the both: NGOs and local authorities.

In each village a survey was carried out based on interview techniques: a group (the so-called focus group interviews - focus interview) and deepened individual interview.