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Anthropology of Landscape in European Protected Areas, 3rd edition

International Institute for the Study of Culture and Education in partnership with six European universities from Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Norway, France and Slovakia is participated in the third edition of the international training project funded through the Comenius program of the EU

The general aim of the project was the exploration of the interaction between humans and nature in protected natural and urban areas. The project work consisted in completing individual and networking tasks, participation in the interactive communication with the help of ICT tools and conducting separate anthropological research work on specific areas in each participant country.

This year edition main topics:
1.    Landscape as a touristic resource: opportunity versus threat
2.    Landscape as a dynamic tool for development

The ULS project team: Natalia Wańczyk, Paulina Płosa, Patrycja Molenda worked under the guidance of dr. Hana Cervinkova.

The results of the research were presented on the 10 days conference in Corte, Corsica.

Duration of the project: December 2012 – March 2013.